Food in the Nebrodi area is an expression of old country culture. Such culture matured over a long period of geographical, political and social isolation and has been deeply influenced by a poor economy based on an extensive cereal cultivation in addition to stock raising and to a minor tree cultivation.


The food is eventually simple, essential and substantial, but genuine and certainly tasty.
Our starters and side dishes always contain ricotta cheese, cheeses, provola, green and black olives, salami and ham, vegetables and various green salads.

Meat is present in most of our dishes with a large use of pork meat. Pigs were once bred in almost all homes and the Nebrodi black pig is today an endemic wild-bred species.
We also use cow, lamb, sheep and goat meat while mutton and kid are among the most exquisite dishes.

Our sweets are mainly made of milk, ricotta cheese, dried fruit (walnuts, almonds, figs, pistachio), mulled wine, raisins, citrus peel and lemon juice.

Local fruit consists of figs, peaches, pears, plums and citrus grown on the coasts.

Pulses and vegetables are seasoned with first cold pressing extra virgin oil.

Here is a short list of Nebrodi food that you can try in our typical premisies:


Side dishes or main dishes:

Bruschetta (toasted bread with chopped tomato, garlic, oil, salt and pepper) Capotana (Aubergines seasoned with olives, tomato sauce and celery) Fried pumpkin flowers and eggs Bread fritters -Stuffed aubergines Pickled black and green olives Stuffed green olives Mushrooms Aubergines Dried tomato in oil Hot bread with oil on top Peppers Stuffed peppers Fried provola cheese


First course:

Home made maccheroni Pasta al forno (typical baked Sicilian pasta with mince meat) Pasta al forno with cauliflowers Pasta with breadcrumbs on top Pasta with green broad beans


Second course:

Baked or fried lamb with potaoes Baked or fried kid with potatoes Grilled mutton Sweet and sour rabbit Pork in tomato sauce Fried Pecorino Primo Sale cheese with eggs



Cannoli with sugared ricotta cheese Chiacchiere Sugared ricotta cheese pancakes Giammelle Mustaccioli Cake sponge Almond paste Marzipan Pignolata



Canestrato Pecorino Provola Ricotta Tuma