Colamarco maily produces oil with a traditional jaw crusher which allows a good production of cold first pressing extra virgin oil.


Le olive, appena raccolte, vengono subito lavorateOur cold first pressing extra virgin oil has found the balance of both an intense and a delicate taste. This is due to the fact that olives are picked when properly mature and that they are immediately cold pressed by expertLa molitura hands.


Our family keeps a careful eye on each single production phase in order to guarantee a high quality oil which is perfect to dress all dishes and for cooking.


Thanks to its well known organoleptic qualities, extra virgin oil is deservedly considered as the prince of a healthy genuine diet, tasty and typically Mediterranean.


Colamarco Oil is currently being exported into Germany and Great Britain.

La spremitura



Its success is due to a fertilizer and phytofarm-free cultivation and to the strictly natural methods it is treated with.






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